Prayer Ministries

We are a church that believes in the power of prayer and we are dedicated to providing ministries that help our congregation develop a deeper prayer life and have opportunities to engage in prayer and intercession.

If you would like to learn more or get involved in any of these ministries, please call the church office or contact Yvette Biddle.



Father's Heart Service is a one-hour special service where we desire to seek the Father's heart through prayer and to touch the Father's heart through worship. This service is held on Sunday evenings from 5-6 pm and runs the five Sundays during Lent.


Altar Team Ministry

We have a team of prayer warriors that are available after each service to pray with you at the altar. If you are in need of prayer and encouragement, this is a great opportunity to receive it. If you want to serve by being part of the Altar Team Ministry, please contact Yvette Biddle to learn more.



A group of women meet every Monday morning from 10:00 - 11:00am in the Sanctuary to pray, intercede, and worship. This meeting time is designed to seek the Lord quietly and individually and then come together in fellowship and discussion. Please contact Yvette Biddle for more information.


Pastor prayer partners

The Pastor Prayer Partners are a group of men that are committed to pray for and encourage our pastor. They meet on the 2nd Saturday January, April, July, and October at 8:00am at South Campus. They take turns in a rotation to pray over the pastor before each service and for the whole congregation during each service from our prayer room.



In this inner healing and deliverance ministry, a Sozo team member will lead you through an extended time of prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and wholeness to your life. Sozo sessions are a time of interacting with God and pursuing of his will for your life. Sozo is free and confidential. Contact Yvette Biddle for more information.