Now For Tomorrow Campaign


Now For Tomorrow (NFT) is the church’s current capital campaign, designed to help pay down the debt from our $4.5 million sanctuary and commons construction project that was completed in 2014. Our church’s facility is a critical part of our worship and ministry, and NFT giving is how we fulfill our mortgage obligations.

  1. If your family pledged and completed donating, thank you very much. The church and its ministries are blessed by your special capital giving.
  2. If your family has NFT pledges left to fulfill, keep up the good work. We are two-thirds of the way to the campaign’s end. There is a good, realistic amount of time remaining to help us hit the NFT giving goals together.
  3. If your family did not pledge as part of NFT, your contributions are very welcome - more than 20 families have given funds to NFT that did not pledge funds to NFT! This is a huge blessing.

The most successful campaigns include new giving that wasn’t pledged. Contributing to NFT without a 2015 pledge is as simple as writing “NFT” on the memo line of a check, or earmarking NFT giving on an EFT form. Our financial secretary itemizes operating giving and NFT capital giving so it’s easy to keep track of the different ‘buckets’ of giving.

Contact the church office, NFT team, or Finance Committee for more information on joining the capital giving.