Electronic Fund Transfer

Try EFT for Consistent Planned Giving

Giving via EFT was a great, easy way to help make our planned giving more reliable for the church. By authorizing a set withdrawal amount every week, it helps ensure the church receives our giving whether we are in town that weekend or not.
Sometimes we miss a Sunday, for example to attend kids’ sports events, and it’s hard to remember to catch up the next weekend in giving. Electronic giving solves that problem, or the headache of forgetting the checkbook, or being out of checks. So many of our regular bills like cell phone or internet service pay automatically, we decided why not pay something as important as church giving automatically.
Once we completed the form, it was a relief to know the mechanics of our giving is taken care of.
-Derek & Heather Betcher

Giving electronically is a great way to help make your planned giving to the church stable and reliable. It helps the church manage its finances steadily through weekly fluctuations in attendance. Electronic giving is:

  • Safe – the technology is secure and reliable

  • Reliable – provides the church a stable offering stream every giving period, whether you attend church that weekend or not

  • Easy – don’t worry about checkbooks, cash, special offerings . . . set an amount and let the automated Vanco system do the rest. Easy to leave it alone or easy to change as often as you like.

Please contact the church office for more information on EFT giving, You can sign up in less than five minutes, and you can easily update the withdrawal amounts at any time.

Download the authorization form for more information.